Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Alyssa Kay

Alyssa Kay is a free-spirit hippie artist by nature, a teacher by vocation, an architect by training, and a medicine woman by calling. Her art captures the essence of real life, real people, and real moments where inherent beauty is often neglected. With Mother Earth as her partner, Alyssa’s curiosity leads her to observe and be a part of composition and decomposition, the creative process unfolding. She considers ritual and celebration to be important markings of time in the human experience, and you can often find her behind the scenes – supporting events, gatherings, ideas and projects that are uplifting and push the boundaries of how society exists on this planet. She is a student of plant medicine, and takes great pleasure in familiarizing herself with sacred plants from around the world and edible weeds in her back yard. Alyssa is a busy bee...teaching and mentoring at Sego Lily School (an environment for self-initiated learning in Salt Lake City), teaching math at SLCC, and managing alternative building and energy projects for her own firm, Living Well. She holds a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Utah and graduated Cum Laude. Alyssa loves being Mom, creating beauty, singing, playing guitar, painting, hiking, cooking, traveling, exploring abandoned relics of society and soaking in hot springs. She considers her art, and the process of creating it to be “good medicine”. You can find her on Facebook as her alter-ego, Wild Rose, and on Instagram as wildrose_medicine woman.