Art-of-the-Month - March 2015
Tag-You're-It Series

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January 17, 2015 (1) Artists: Jimmy & Elizabeth Miklavcic

This digital painting is one piece of the ongoing "Tag-You're-It" collaborative series by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic. The paintings are created on an iPad 2 using ArtStudio version 5.13 software. The process, much like finger painting, consists of selecting a digital tool and drawing directly on the iPad surface. A guideline for the collaborative painting process is that one makes a contribution to the artwork, taking as long as necessary, then the iPad is handed over to the next artist. No comments or directions are allowed while the artists make their contribution to the composition. In this manner, both artists have complete autonomy in the decision and creative process. The iPad is handed back and forth until both agree that the painting is complete. It is a study in letting go and allowing, moment by moment, the artwork to reveal itself.

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