Company - Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, Founding Co-Director

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Choreographic Works

Bug Splatter - Created and Performed by: Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic - duet

Telematic Projects listed in the Access Grid and Telematic Performances page.

Face-to-Face - (5 min.) music collage by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic - solo

InterPlay Projects listed in the Access Grid and Telematic Performances page.

Approaches - (12 min.) music by French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson - quintet

A Love Hate Relationship - (3 min.) music by Billie Holiday - duet
Storm - (7 min.) music by Richard Burmer - sixteen dancers
(Commissioned by Judge Memorial High)
Ski Boot Ballet - (3 min.) music "Deck The Halls" - structured improvisation
(Commissioned by Brighton High Winter Dance Festival) *Video Not Available

Getting Tubed - (7 min.) music by Richard Povall - sextet
A Blank Stare and A Whisper - (30 min.) music by Pamela Z - quartet

Thoughts Unfolding - music by Jimmy Miklavcic - five-eight dancers
Mists - music by Henry Kaiser and David Lindley - sextet
(Commissioned by Ballet West Conservatory)
Changes In Space - co-choreographed with Jimmy Miklavcic, music by William S. Burroughs and
Martin Olson - four to seven dancers

Eglantine - music by Paul Drescher and Ned Rothenburg, video by Jimmy Miklavcic - solo
Fruit Soup - text by Carol Bennion - quintet
Momentary Twilight - music by Michael Graham and Barry Stramp, text by D. Marisa Black - solo
A Look Back - text by Kolette Montague, tap dance - solo
Full Closets - music by Miguel Frasconi - trio
A Little Peace and Quiet - music by Ahbez - sextet
A Sliding Soft Shoe - music by My Sister Jane, tap dance - one to ten dancers
Keepin' Up with the Jones' - music by Janice Joplin - solo

7-7-4-2-2 - music by Count Basie ("Love Me or Leave Me"), tap dance - one to ten dancers
Syn-co-pa-tion - music by J.M. Williams ("That Cat Is High"), tap dance - one to ten dancers
A Cramp In This Style - music by Jerry Gray ("American Patrol"), tap dance - one to ten dancers
My Gal - music by Cab Calloway, tap dance - one to ten dancers
Plax Attax - music by Jason Reineir - six to eight dancers
Glimpse at the Goober in Your Galoshes - co-choreographed with Christopher Ivins, music by Henry Kaiser - duet
Foibles of Faith - choreographed with the assistance of Jimmy Miklavcic, and Christopher Ivins,
music by Paul Gallagher, text by Jimmy Miklavcic and Christopher Ivins - trio
Love Has Many Splendid Variations - music by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Bobettes, Patti Page, The Crests and Peggy Lee - nine dancers (commissioned by Weber State College, Ogden, Utah)

Ignorance of Burden - co-choreographed with Jimmy Miklavcic, text by Mark Neumann - duet
All of a Sudden - music sung by Judy Garland - solo

Distance Happens In No Time - music by Phillip Glass and Lucia Wong - nine dancers
Photographic Memory - co-choreographed with Jimmy Miklavcic, music by Art Barbeque and The Tomoyuki Okada Percussion Ensemble - duet
Tally Ho - music by Charles Amirkhanian - quartet

When the Floor Bounces - music by Jimmy Miklavcic - trio
One Door Down - co-choreographed with Daniel Killpak, music collage edited by Daniel Killpak - duet
Out of This Comes… - music collage created by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic and edited by Jimmy Miklavcic - seventeen dancers
Ted Speaks His Mind - co-created with Jimmy H. Miklavcic, music collage - three leads plus fifteen to twenty supporting characters

Chrysalis - music by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic - solo
That Darn Arm - music by Count Basie - trio

What? - music by Jimmy H. Miklavcic - duet

She Was Such a Good Little Girl - music by Subminiature Basic - sextet

Canopy - music by Collage - trio