Company - Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, Founding Co-Director

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2005 The Actors Showcase - Coordinator/Host
Held once a quarter, the showcase was available to six actors to present a monologue or scene, one performing artist, and one filmmaker. The purpose of the showcase was to give experienced actors a free opportunity to stay fresh, motivate actors to work on text, provide an opportunity for screen writers to have sections of their original work performed and to give beginning actors a safe environment to get up in front of people.

1994 Scholarship Program
An artist was given free studio time for two months to pursue ideas for the development of work.

1993 Artist In Residence
Two month residencies with Another Language Company were designed to give an artist studio time and the opportunity to work with company members developing ideas for group and solo work. A lecture demonstration/performance was presented at the completion of the residency.

1990-1994 The Artists' Exchange - Coordinator
Six artists presented work for feedback - the program was designed as an open forum of exchange between artists and audience members. It was held once a quarter at the Company's former Salt Lake City downtown studio, 345 West Pierpont Avenue. The Artists' Exchange was a popular event that included a donated Sunday brunch, providing additional time for networking and discussions. Art disciplines included poetry, dance, visual art, film & video art, performance art, music, and acting.

1982-1985 Experimental Floss - Creator/Co-Director
Artists variety show.