Jimmy H. Miklavcic - Choreography
June 25, 1995 - Utah Arts Festival, Amphitheater Stage, Triad Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

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No Place Formaldehyde (1995)

Choreographer: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Text: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Music: (Video Credits)
Costumes: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Lighting: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
TV Videography: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Dancers: Rosie Banchero, Rebecca Groen, Mickey Mounarath, Travis Rasmussen
Location: Utah Arts Festival, Amphitheater Stage, Triad Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 13:14 minutes

Choreographed by Jimmy H. Miklavcic as a solo for Another Language's Society In A Nutshell concert in 1994. This work was expanded to a quartet for the Stepping Into The Light concert and was also performed for the 1995 Utah Arts Festival on the Amphitheater Stage, at the Triad Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dancers are Rosie Banchero, Rebecca Groen, Mickey Mounarath, Travis Rasmussen.

The work utilizes four television/VCR systems that display graphics as well as recites two poems written by Mr. Miklavcic. The first poem, Video Moon, was recited by four mouths. The four TV/VCRs were arranged into a 'T' with screens on top and two screens below. The top two each have a recording of an eye, the third one below the two is a recording of a nose and the last one displays a talking mouth reciting the second poem, Stepping Into the Light.

Video Moon
Jimmy Miklavcic

The moon hangs low over piles of dirt and rock,
A mere toe nail clipping of
sunlight bouncing back to earth.
A crater-pocked face hiding in the shadows
watching stupid arrogance
breathe in slumber.

As romantic test patterns
buzz and crackle,
we lie on over-stuffed sofas,
while our socks work their way loose
from our feet,
revealing the ankle,
partially worn of hair.

There is a chorus of memories,
swishing through the corridors,
most have been fed to us while we slept,
others borrowed and
carried over from previous lifetimes,
and some,
are genuinely

These are few,
far from in between
and are soon to be the memories of others,
when they are finally edited,
commercially broadcast over
digital air waves,
a drama,
a comedy,
a situation,
played out in a time released capsule
floating illuminously
within a pixel-pocked radiant video moon.