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Telematic Distributed Performance Workshop
This workshop is an intensive two week experience where registered performers and technologists work together with peers at a partner site. Students will utilize videoconference technology to communicate, design and implement a short performance work.

Communications on the Access Grid
This class will provide students with the tools to effectively communicate with others around the world. With the Access Grid video conference technology, students will learn production techniques that will aid in presenting the best image and audio qualities. It will present opportunities for students to evaluate the meeting process through collaborative projects with students at other Access Grid sites.

Performing for Internet Broadcasting
Students will learn techniques to perform for both a local audience as well as an internet audience. The class will bring together the tools for both theatrical and cinematic performances.

Performance Art and Technology
This class gives students the opportunity to create performance art projects utilizing today's technologies while studying the history the performance art form.

Aquisition of Motion Capture Data with the Vicon System
This class focuses on the initial steps of motion capture acquisition by covering marker sets, the Vicon interface, infrared cameras and initial data cleaning.

Acting Laboratory
This class is for the experienced actor who must be invited to class by Elizabeth Miklavcic. As in any laboratory setting the focus of this class is to research ideas. The advanced actor will be challenged with a variety of roles on Type and completely off Type for the purposes of trying on different suits, so to speak, to build acting chops. The Lab will focus on scenes and short plays from a variety of playwrights such as David Mamet, Samuel Beckett, David Ives and much more. Longer, more in depth film scenes will be used to mine the actor's personal resources. Through experimentation with tools and ideas, this class will build the actor's range.

Auditioning and Cold Reading This class is open to all levels and is designed to get the actor up and working. The actor is taken through an audition, and is put on camera during this process. Camera techniques, and acting concepts are broken down and examined through a variety of exercises for the purposes of building a strong foundation and to give the actor confidence when walking into the audition setting.