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On July 3, 2013 a group of 40 students from Jordan and Canyons School Districts, visited the campus through the University of Utah Welcome Center. The students attended screenings of XYZ in 3D where Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic explained stereographics to the students.

Selected Comments & Questions

- Anonymous

It was really cool, but slightly confusing. Nice music. Really cool in 3D.
- Alisa Osborne - West Jordan High School

Why did you explore this topic with poetry? Does it help the brain understand (it) better?
- Sierra Carlson - West Jordan High School

A neat concept, though it would probably be for older audiences, such as college level and above. Does this work with cartoons, or just videos of real things?
- Anonymous - Herriman High School

Seems like it could be a really cool idea to have in movie theaters eventually.
- Anonymous - Copper Hills High School

That was very unusual and I think it could become something really big in the future.
- Allie Lucero - West Jordan High School

Very inspirational. Philosophical.
- Kevin Le - Copper Hills High School

This was a very interesting film. How long did it take to produce this? How many people were involved?
- Anonymous

It was very interesting. Unique and unusual. The visual(s) (were) really cool.
- Anonymous

This was an interesting, thought provoking 3D film.
- Austin Leonard - Hillcrest High School

It was really mind boggling when the people would turn and they could go from a 3D picture to a 2D picture, and then back to a 3D picture!
- Gabbi Pugmire - Copper Hills High School

Why does it hurt your head? It was interesting, the different contrast between with/without glasses.
-Anonymous - Copper Hills High School

I felt weird and also felt like a stage after death.
- Giovanni Hernandez - Copper Hills High School

The viewing was spectacular. However I don't fully understand the meaning of the video.
- Carl Favver - West Jordan High School