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On July 11, 2013 a group of 17 students and guides from the Davis School District, visited the campus through the University of Utah Welcome Center. The students attended a screening of XYZ in 3D where Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic explained stereographics and the inspiration for working with art and technology to the students.

Selected Comments & Questions

Very cool technology, lots of questions came to mind about what the video was about, but it was amazing 3D!
- Abby S.- University of Utah

Wow! Different, really cool.
- Cynthia - Weber State University

Very entrancing. The show itself was very abstract and interesting.
- Austin Mariano - Layton High School

Very interesting, Great Job.
- Brandon Mariano - Layton High School

Good Job! Very Cool!
- Devon Leonard - Layton High School

This 3D presentation was interesting. It was kinda scary at first (haha) but it was good.
- Nephi Fuentes - Layton High School

It was a fun experience, something I haven't seen. A different perspective. The fluid movement it (XYZ) had was awesome.
- Lindsay Avilez - Clearfield High School

The movie was pretty good. I liked how they (the Entities) were talking about different things, and also how they were showing (expression) by dancing movement.
- Diana Hernandez - Clearfield High School

I thought it was interesting, very cool. Looked like everything was popping out at you.
- Anonymous