1985 - 2021

1985 - A Chrysalis Project, choreographed and performed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, is about a woman on the verge of emerging from her self-imposed barriers.
1986 - The first season of Another Language ran from December 1985-November 1986 and included a signature concert, As Our Thoughts Escape Us at Theatre 208 in the University of Utah Department of Dance.

.....super-intense movement, sharply and uncompromisingly executed.
- Dorothy Stowe - Deseret News -
1987 - Another Language presented Sounds That Art Makes, a two day festival that featured lectures, demonstrations, and performances by local, national, and international experimental musicians. Our featured artist was internationally renowned experimental musician Charles Amirkhanian.
1988 - Was a very busy year for the Directors of Another Language as they raised their baby daughter. Elizabeth Miklavcic created three new dances for her Master's Thesis concert. One of these works, Photographic Memory, co-created with Jimmy Miklavcic, remained active in the company repertoire for nine years. Development of the administrative foundation of the company continued.
1989 - The 1989 season saw the opportunity for Another Language to move its location into a downtown community of residential and studio spaces known as Artspace. The establishment of this downtown studio fulfilled a longstanding dream of both Beth and Jimmy to create an intimate theatre where artists in the community could have an opportunity to create work, give classes and present performances.
1990 - This year saw the expansion of the company to a larger group of performers: Chara Huckins, Sarah Hudelson, Eleni Kambouris, Michael Larkin, and Lori Nichol.

The Artists' Exchange ...comprised of some assortment of artists - dancers, painters, photographers, poets, and/or musicians - perform at Another Language Performance Studio,... [and] members of the audience voice their impressions, opinions, reactions and emotions....Magic happens.
- Joyce Marder - The Event -
1991 - The debut of Eglantine in 1991, a solo video dance work, created by Beth Miklavcic was described by Dorothy Stowe of the Deseret News as:

A remarkable multimedia piece...The symbolism is of a rose, but the imagery of the dancing figure in black with tangled braids moves into mysterious, decadent and even threatening realms, suggesting the decay that lurks just below the surface of all blooming, radiant things in their prime. Beth's dancing was vivid, strong, wild, original, and loaded with memorable images.
- Dorothy Stowe - Deseret News -
1992 - This year the company presented In Concert and performed at the opening of the Festi-Live Stage at the Utah Arts Festival, the International Composer to Composer Conference in Telluride, Colorado, and the Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle, Washington.
1993 - The spring concert, A Blank Stare and a Whisper, marks the debut of a thirty minute work created by Beth, choreographed to the music of Pamela Z.

Art is not a noun. It's a verb, an "action" word. It's a long slow deep breath that one begins near birth and expends when one passes on. And if artists are doing their "job" properly, that breath is expended into the mouth of a new generation.
- Jimmy Miklavcic -
1994 - The annual spring concert, Society in a Nutshell, included performances by company members Jeannine Chan, Spencer John Powell, and Travis Rasmussen with guest performer Mickey Mounarath and guest choreographers Hilary Carrier and Rosalind Newmark. May of 1994 marked a new era for the company, Another Language moved out of the downtown studio and became a part of the Performing Arts Coalition.
1995 - The focus of this year was to celebrate the anniversary season with a spring concert Stepping into the Light. Rehearsals took place at the Capitol Theatre and Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center (Phase 1).

Dance is a universal art form that is subject to diverse interpretations - as are poetry and film. In the 10 years of its existence, Another Language Performing Arts Company has tried to bridge the chasms between these forms of communications and expressions with thoughtful imagery...
- Scott Iwasaki - Deseret News -
1996 - This was the beginning of Another Language's move into the digital world. The company inaugurated www.anotherlanguage.org, the first performing arts website in Utah. While the web site was being constructed, work on the studio and office also continued. The office, although not completely finished, became usable in December.
1997 - Streaming video and audio technology was evolving out of infancy when Jimmy began to investigate its possibilities in 1997. He chose, at the time, Progressive Networks products called Real Player and Real Server. Work continued on the exterior of the company's new office space.
1998 - This year proved itself as a year of good fortune. Another Language was able to present the Internet premiere of a music composition I'm Tired (1981) and a video work Nobody Special (1996).
1999 - Progressive Networks, the maker of the streaming media technology, evolved into the ubiquitous Real Networks. The video and audio server software had grown to a stable and high quality product. The video server was upgraded with the new Real Server G2 product, installing streaming video and audio became easier.
2000 - Remodeling continued on the studio and office.
2001 - Creative Passings premiered at the Grand Opening Gala of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center on March 31, 2001.
2002 - The new millennium, marked renewed work on the rehearsal studio.
2003 - Another Language dove into the new form of telematic performance with InterPlay: Intransitive Senses, a multimedia, multi-artist performance transmitted over Internet 2, experienced both live and on the Internet. The company also released Utah's first dance education, interactive DVD-ROM, What?!: A Choreographic Evolution. Anotherlanguage.org registered more than 350,000 hits.
2004 - InterPlay: Hallucinations premiered on April 23 - 25. It was the company's first multi-site event. Other projects included a cinematic version of Music for Bubble Biters: The Mocumentary, directed by Beth Miklavcic and the completed DVD of InterPlay: Intransitive Senses. Creative Passings and InterPlay: Intransitive Senses were official selections of the Just Another Film Festival in Farmington, Utah. Anotherlanguage.org registered 224,402 accesses with 8,079 unique hosts.
2005 - InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box premiered on April 15 - 17 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This performance expanded its national participating sites to five. Music for Bubble Biters: The Documentary premiered in Salt Lake City at a special screening at the University of Utah INSCC Auditorium on January 14. The website registered 458,701 accesses with 8,070 unique hosts
2006 - The company went right into development and rehearsals for the premiere performance of InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek on March 31 - April 2. InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was selected by the Peoria Civic Federation, Peoria NEXT and ArtsPartners of Central Illinois as a National Semifinalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity. Anotherlanguage.org registered 567,195 accesses with 19,231 unique hosts.
2007 - InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno (In the Dreamtime) focused on a voyage through distorted time, creating visual echoes of moments past, present and future. It premiered on March 30 - April 1. Anotherlanguage.org registered 555,716 accesses with 27,431 unique hosts.

It's difficult to explain what exactly Another Language Performing Arts Company is. The multi-media cross-genre montage of live and computer-streamed performances the group is known for doesn't exactly fit into art critic's categories.
- Kelly Keiter - Salt Lake Magazine -
2008 - InterPlay: Carnivale directed by Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic, was an examination of the mystery of the performing soul through an amalgamation of a variety of celebratory performance mediums such as circus, Mardi Gras, carnival, amusement park, fair and arcade. This live, distributed, real-time, surrealist, cinematic performance was presented as if one was walking into a memory of by-gone circuses, carnivals, parks and fairs. Anotherlanguage.org registered 605,174 accesses with 29,872 unique hosts.
2009 - InterPlay: AnARTomy marked a first multi-weekend performance for the InterPlay Series. AnARTomy premiered on March 27 and ran through April 5. This telematic work was an exploration into the very personal human receptacle as a connector through which people operate, activate and live. Plus more projects completed this season. Anotherlanguage.org registered 977,832 accesses with 26,590 unique hosts.

Ever heard of "live, real-time, distributed, surrealistic cinema?" (We hadn't either.) We have, however, seen the omission in our lives and are doing our best to rectify it via Another Language, a performing arts company at the University of Utah...InterPlay: AnARTomy features two dancers, poetry, a host of sketch artists, and digital animators, and requires nearly a dozen computer systems to compile live video feeds from four other universities...all to create a dynamic, collaborative performance.
- Kersten Swinyard - The Leonardo -
2010 - InterPlay: Event Horizon premiered on March 26 and ran through April 3. This telematic work was an exploration based on what is beyond sight or knowledge. Plus more of the Company's 25th Anniversary season projects. Anotherlanguage.org registered 838,444 accesses with 26,694 unique hosts.

There are several ways one might tell the story of the Another Language Performing Arts Company. It's a story about the ever-evolving art scene of Salt Lake City, and the 25 years the group has spent performing in the alleys, playgrounds and theater spaces of Utah's capital...It's a story about dance and poetry, music and theater, collaboration and a singular artistic vision forged by two people.
- Dan Nailen - Salt Lake Magazine -
2011 - Duel*Ality 1.0 premiered February 25 and ran through March 6. This telematic work was an exploration based on the concepts of relationships and personal duality. Plus more Company projects completed this season. Anotherlanguage.org registered 695,305 accesses with 75,286 unique hosts.

Just walking into the performance space tells you you're in for something a little different...Elizabeth and Jimmy sit in the same room but interact through email and video conferencing while their images appear as two separate projections on the screen. It is a visceral experience to watch the actors talk and see their delayed gestures appear moments later as digitized images. The live actors become disembodied, which seems appropriate as they weigh in on relationship and how technology shapes them.
- Dale Thompson - Artists of Utah 15Bytes -
2012 - Duel*Ality 2.0 premiered February 24 and ran through March 4. This 3D telematic work was an exploration based on the concepts of relationships and personal duality. Plus more Company projects completed this season. Online outreach for 2012 registered 742,116 accesses with 85,853 unique hosts.

Like all of the telematic cinema performances created by Another Language, the production incorporates projected, as well as, live elements. This time, some of the projected images will be three-dimensional, and the audience will wear active stereoscopic glasses to view them. The play follows two characters who are in a relationship, Duel and Ality, and examines how they interact and communicate with one another through technology.
- Lexie Levitt - The Salt Lake City Weekly -
2013 - XYZ premiered February 22 and ran through March 3. XYZ was a telematic cinema performance integrating live performance ad 3D stereographic cinema performed in INSCC's VisLab Black Box Theater. Plus more Company projects completed this season.

Another Language's annual performance-art pieces can be plotted on a constantly shifting continuum that innovatively merges science, technology, language and the arts, as one year's project often becomes the genesis for the next.
- Jacob Stringer - The Salt Lake City Weekly -
2014 - Ghost Town The main focus of Another Language Performing Arts Company, in 2014, was building the platform for Ghost Town, an online crowd-sourced project. Completed artist's investigations of ghost towns are listed in the Company's 2014 history.

There are over 150 ghost towns in Utah and participating artists are welcome to add others that may not be listed on Another Language's site. “We hope that this project will take on a life of it’s own and involve many artists from many different backgrounds. Ironically this project is a celebration of life, by acknowledging life’s transience. The only reality we have is the present and it is important for all of us to live fully in the present,” say the Miklavcics.
- Shawn Rossiter - Executive Director, Artists of Utah 15Bytes -
2015 - Ghost Town Celebrating the Company's 30th Anniversary. Ghost Town, an online crowd-sourced project. Completed artist's investigations of ghost towns are listed in the Company's 2015 history.
2016 - Bug Splatter Debut February 6, 2016 - 100 Year Dada Celebration at Weller's Book Works in Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, Utah. Another Language debuts Bug Splatter created and performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic. Plus many website repairs throughout the History section of Anotherlanguage.org.

Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic (of Another Language) projected videos of abstract designs onto themselves, as they spun with increasing momentum around a bolt of fabric. The onomatopoeia of the phrase ‘baked-on-batter-bug-splatter-splat’ echoed throughout the piece, and prompted the audience of contribute spontaneously: the hallmark of a successful performance.
- Alexandra Karl - Catalyst Magazine -
2017 - Another Language Performing Arts Company, in its 32nd year, is in a documentary phase. As a result, much of the company was engaged in behind-the-scenes work, including many website repairs throughout the History, InterPlay, and Telematic Cinema sections of Anotherlanguage.org.
2018 - Another Language Performing Arts Company, in its 33nd year, is in a documentary phase. As a result, much of the company was engaged in behind-the-scenes work, including many website repairs throughout the Membership section of Anotherlanguage.org. Publicity photographs from a 1988 dance concert Secrets Leaking were in the process of being restored, and descriptions from 1985-1989 were completed.
2019 - Another Language Performing Arts Company, in its 34th year, is in a documentary phase. Descriptions for projects in 1989 through 1990 were completed. Throughout this fiscal year, new visual art creations were added to Art-of-the-Month, and restoration of publicity photographs from the 1988 dance concert Secrets Leaking continued.
2020 - Another Language Performing Arts Company, in its 35th year, continues the documentation phase. Descriptions for 1991 projects are in process. Throughout this fiscal year, new visual art creations were added to Art-of-the-Month, and restoration of 1993 photographs taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats are in process.
2021 - Another Language Performing Arts Company debuts the newly completed Slickrock site-specific dance, and celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Eglantine a multimedia dance based on the mystery of roses. Descriptions for 1991 projects are progressing. Throughout this fiscal year, new visual art creations were added to Art-of-the-Month, and restoration of 1993 photographs taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats continues.