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As Our Thoughts Escape Us Preview
As Our Thoughts Escape Us Preview Fundraiser - Another Language's first fundraising event included a sneak preview of new choreograhic works by Elizabeth Miklavcic and performed poems by Jimmy Miklavcic. Music was provided by Harold Carr, Steve Flygare and Mark Jackman.
Ted Speaks His Mind
Ted Speaks His Mind - With this Brown Bag Concert performance at Dinwoody Park, Another Language set the tone for its creative expression.

Art and life are intertwined. We share the joy and richness we feel for life through the expression of our work. What we hope to achieve in our performances is a moment for the viewer to say 'Yes, I've experienced that feeling.'
- Beth Miklavcic -
As Our Thoughts Escape Us
As Our Thoughts Escape Us - The company's debut concert held at the University of Utah Dance Building, Theater 208. The concert featured choreography by Elizabeth Miklavcic and Tina Karlson-Benson with special guest, Scott Chamberlain.

"... a necessary diversion from the conventionality of mainstream artistic events." - Keri Schreiner, Salt Lake Tribune
Brochure - The company's first brochure was designed by Jimmy Miklavcic using traditional graphic arts techniques, such as stencil rub-ons and cut-and-paste layout.
Educational - Another Language presented its first two lecture/demonstrations at Murray High School and South High School.
Behind-The-Scenes - What is it like to create a performing arts company? Founding Co-Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic reveal the everyday activities of preparing the company's first rehearsal space.