History - Sounds That Art Makes (1987)
September 25 - 26, 1987 - Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Posters - Produced by Another Language Performing Arts Company the Sounds That Art Makes poster was designed by Jimmy Miklavcic. The main poster was designed using both photocopying and graphic arts techniques. The secondary flyer was created on a photocopy machine.
Program - The twenty page program was created by Jimmy Miklavcic using a photocopier. The text was set and printed on a laser printer. The text was cut out and placed on the glass of the photocopier and covered with ripped and cut pieces of the original poster.
Video - Videos in the section includes performances by Charles Amirkhanian, Flowers for Charlotte and Another Language Performing Arts Company's Music for Bubble Biters. More videos are to come.