History - Another Language Holds a Conversation (1989)
November 17 - 19, 1989 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Poster - The poster for Holds a Conversation was designed from Beth's idea that the company would "converse" with the audience. The company went to K-mart, each member taking self portraits in the automatic photo booth. Beth worked with a graphic designer on this poster, the designer created the layout to establish the visibility of the company members.
Program - The program's cover had the title of the concert in a variety of languages. It was designed with Microsoft Word and Mac Draw on a Macintosh SE computer. It was printed and duplicated through the generous contribution from Kinko's Copy Center.
Video - The Another Language Holds A Conversation Concert was the first company concert in the Artspace Studio. Many long hours were invested by Jimmy Miklavcic into getting the old dance building lighting system to work. Other challenges faced by Directors Jimmy and Beth Miklavcic were building lights, finding a marely floor, paying the first and last months rent, and setting up the utilities. All company members created new choreographic works, in a very short time span, to bring forth this very well received performance.
Behind-The-Scenes - Rehearsals of various dances for the Another Language Holds A Conversation Concert.