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Dooly Gallery
Dooly Gallery - Another Language Performing Arts Company and Art Bias, performed as living sculptures for the grand opening of the Dooly Gallery in Park City.
Dance Jam
Dance Jam - Katherine St. John organized this improvisational performance inspired by Ruth St. Denis' term music visualization. The dancers improvised with the Bob Pierson Combo creating a spontaneous exchange and interplay with the instruments.
Snow College
Snow College - As part of the Utah Performing Arts Tour, Another Language Performing Arts Company spent a day at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Elizabeth Miklavcic taught a tapping for tennis shoes dance class as part of the residency while Jimmy Miklavcic, Gunild Pak and Christopher Murry Ivins worked in the theatre preparing for the evening concert.The program of this performance was a mixture of dance and theatre works from the 1989 Another Language Holds A Conversation and the upcoming On The Gutting Ledge concert that would be held in June of 1990. The surprisingly vocal and engaged audience at Snow College, Jimmy Miklavcic refers to as the company's most Dada experience ever.
Granite District Writing Festival
Granite District Writing Festival - The organizers of The Second Annual Granite District Writing Festival held April 21, 1990 invited several performing groups that incorporated written material into their performances to participate. Performers included June Miller - Story Teller, Kate MacLeod - Folk Singer and Song Writer, The Junior Shakespeare Company under the direction of Frank Gerrish, and Another Language Performing Arts Company.
On The Gutting Ledge
On The Gutting Ledge - In keeping with the name of this concert, Another Language Performing Arts Company focused on challenging works that crossed boundaries between dance and theatre. The concert consisted of all new works created and performed by company members Christopher Murry Ivins, Gunid Pak, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic. Guest choreographer Julie Preston created a solo for Christopher and guest artist, Kenneth Ezell Bass, sang torch songs in-between some of the dances.
Utah Arts Festival
Utah Arts Festival - Elizabeth A. Miklavcic performed solo tap dance numbers between noon and 1:00pm, in different locations throughout the 1990 Utah Arts Festival at the Triad Center. Imagine dancing on cobble stones, in 95+ degrees fahrenheit, and you will have some understanding of the street tap dancing experience.
Krapp's Last Tape
Krapp's Last Tape - Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape is a look at "a feeble, nearly blind and deaf, solitary and half-drunk man, crouching in a squalid room, subsisting on bananas and playing to himself (commenting the while) old tape recordings of his own voice - recordings, moreover, that consist, in no small part, of comments on still earlier tapes." - Robert Hatch
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Institute of Graphic Arts - Another Language was invited to give an improvisational performance for the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) conference, by working with the banners they created during their conference. Dancers for this event were Chara Huckins, Eleni Kambouris and Elizabeth A. Miklavcic.
Brown Bag Concert
Brown Bag Concert - Another Language was booked to perform for the Brown Bag Concert Series. The noon Brown Bag Concerts, sponsored by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, take place through the summer in Salt Lake City at different outside locations and the series still runs every summer. This performance marks the expansion of the company to a seven member ensemble.
Rediscover Downtown
Rediscover Downtown - This performance of Photographic Memory was performed on September 8, 1990 for Repertory Dance Theatre's Fundraiser Rediscover Downtown in Memory Grove Park at the base of City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sounds That Art Makes
Sounds That Art Makes - The second of two new music festivals, this year's Sounds That Art Makes featured Henry Kaiser and Jin Hi Kim along with Another Language, Harold Carr, Andrew Voigt, Scott Simons, Mark C. Jackman and Phillip Bimstein. There were two days of music and performance art with a free guitar clinic with Henry Kaiser.
Park City
Park City - The performance at the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah was Another Language's second event as part of the Utah Performing Arts Tour. The company included Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic, Michael Larkin, Eleni Kambouris, Sarah Hudelson, Lori Nichol, Chara Huckins and Eric Robinson.
Educational - A lecture demonstration performance for Rosslyn Heights Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah; and a lecture demonstration performance for Parleys Park Elementary School in Park City, Utah, as part of the educational outreach component for the Utah Performing Arts Tour.
Company Photo Sessions
Company Photo Sessions - Photo sessions by Denise Pierce and John Brandon are available. The company enjoyed experimenting with photographers on composition and texture of the photographs.
Brochure - This brochure focused on the four principle performers of the company from 1989-1990. The artistic philosophy of Another Language Performing Arts Company is defined and the company's Artspace Studio is described.
The Artists' Exchange
The Artists' Exchange - Four Artists' Exchanges were held in 1990. The event took place on Sunday mornings, it was a time of open forum between artists and audience members. Artists of all genres were invited to present their work. After each presentation, comments and questions were shared between the artist and the audience.