History - The Artists' Exchange (1991)
April 29, 1990 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Introduction - Another Language Performing Arts Company Artistic Director and Artists' Exchange organizer Elizabeth Miklavcic welcomes the audience to the second Artists' Exchange.

Dance Theater Coalition - Performed a quartet as a comment on women's roles in society. Artistic Directors of Dance Theater Coalition were Victoria Panella Bourns and Carolyn Wood.

Jesse Fraizer - This performance art work created by Jesse Fraizer involved two dancers, a drummer and Jesse Fraizer playing guitar.

Erica Kessler - A senior at the University of Utah Modern Dance Department created this choreographic work as her response to silence.

Mark Neumann - Read his original poetry, including the poem Hold'n The Bag, used as the inspiration for Ignorance of Burden, a duet performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic many times in the Another Language repertoire.

Jennifer Salk - Performed her newly choreographed modern dance work. Unfortunately, as was often the case for someone performing right after intermission, the video camera was not turned on and her performance was not recorded.

Jimmy Miklavcic - Performed No Cling to a Bad Wrap with electric guitar, tape, synthesizer and drum machine. Jimmy deconstrcucted the "rap" music genre and reassembled it like a puzzle with pieces from several unrelated puzzles.

"My vegetables cry out, 'Get us out of here!'"

Salt Lake Vocal Ensemble - The beautiful harmonies and expertly rehearsed group was the perfect ending to the second Artists' Exchange. Discussions about the group and the songs were mixed between the vocal pieces.