History - Brown Bag Concert (1990)
August 20, 1990 - Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Improvisation (1990)

Music: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Costumes: Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic
Dancers: Chara Huckins, Sarah Hudelson, Eleni Kambouris, Michael Larkin, Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, Jimmy H. Miklavcic, Lori Nichol
Location: Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 8:42 minutes

The first dance of Another Language Performing Arts Company's 1990 Brown Bag Concert at Exchange Place in downtown Salt Lake City was an improvisation. The new company members enter the space beginning with Sarah Hudelson, then Jimmy Miklavcic, next Eleni Kambouris, Lori Nichol, Elizabeth Miklavcic, Michael Larkin, and Chara Huckins.

After a few minutes Jimmy begins playing his song, No Cling To A Bad Wrap. The dancers enter and exit the stage space influenced by the music, and the movement relationships happening in the moment. In the background Michael Larkin begins to set up for Music For Bubble Biters, performed later in the show.

The Brown Bag Concert Series under the direction of Casey Jarman, was a series of summer music, dance, and theater concerts that took place during the noon hour at various locations in Salt Lake City. The purpose of these ongoing summer concerts was to increase artistic exposure by bringing a performance to people at work during their lunch hour.