History - On the Gutting Ledge - Rehearsals (1990)
May 1990 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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The three rehearsal dances shown here are the only surviving rehearsal tapes found to date.

Foibles of Faith or The Human Side of Holy Worship
Choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this video of a rehearsal in May 1990 provides more visibility of some of the choreography and manipulation of the black material. Jimmy and Beth's young daughter, who was at most rehearsals, can be seen going in and out of the dance.

Glimpse at the Goober in your Galoshes
Co-created by Christopher Murry Ivins and Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this work is a challenging odyssey into a couples' "day in a life" of kitsch and otherwise fragmented surreal moments tied together with movement strings. This rehearsal focused on the last movement section of the piece.

Company Tasks in Clapping Stacks
Gunild Pak choreographed this high energy dance for the concert finale. It is a statement about the pace of keeping an independent performance company going and the hoops company members must jump through to perform. In several areas of Clapping, the dancers counting and unison was in counterpoint to the clapping score and the few music cues used were often missed, as seen here in the not so glorious ending of the dance in this rehearsal.