History - Utah Arts Festival (1990)
June 1990 - Triad Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

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My Gal
My Gal was a tap dance that Elizabeth would teach her beginning students. This dance is designed to help students feel comfortable with rhythm, grounded energy and strutting one's stuff.

A Cramp In This Style
In the style of Military or Patriotic Tap the choreography in this dance uses a lot of cramp rolls, shuffle-off-to-buffalo's and other traditional steps. Dancing in front of the huge sculptures created an interesting juxtaposition for this type of tap dance.

This dance contains some very advanced syncopation's and the difficulty in execution is somewhat illusive. Elizabeth was experimenting with combining dance styles and began working on incorporating some modern dance and ballet movements into this dance.

This dance is named after the rhythm of a very fast flap sequence. Elizabeth continues to mix dance styles in this piece. As a response to lot of tap dance choreography that tends to stand in one spot, she focused on traveling movements and taking up a lot of space in this dance. All of Elizabeth's tap choreography is an homage to her tap dance teacher, Jo Reid, who taught her from the age of four to seventeen and gave her the gift of joy in movement.