History - Brown Bag Concert (1991)
August 9, 1991 - American Towers - Red Lion Plaza, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Welcome by Casey Jarman Brown Bag Concert Director
The Brown Bag Concert Series is organized and sponsored by the Salt Lake City Arts Council. Casey Jarman is the director of the series.

Welcome by Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Co-Artistic Director Jimmy H. Miklavcic welcomes the audience.

Sojourn of the Florid Muses
Choreographed by Sarah Hudelson this piece was originally created for the Moving Words Concert in July 1991. Inspiration - Fire Within the Rose written by Kolette Montague, Sojourn of the Florid Muses was choreographed by Sarah Hudelson. This quartet symbolically used chairs to represent the building and changing of configurations just as one would change designs and layouts in a garden.

Don't Walk
Guest choreographer Hilary Elmore-Carrier originally created this work for the Moving Words Concert in July 1991. Inspiration - The Line-Up written by Clarence Socwell, guest choreographer Hilary Elmore-Carrier worked with multiple locomotor phrases while the dancers formed a variety of square floor patterns and different variations of traveling in a line.

Everything is Second Hand
This was the debut of Chara Huckin's solo and her first choreographic work performed in an Another Language Concert.

A brief interlude while Jimmy Miklavcic speaks with the audience.

Full Closets
Choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this work is about having and continuing to obtain too much stuff. It is also a comment on couture and how "fashion" is a point-of-view.

Jimmy Miklavcic thanks the Salt Lake City Arts Council and the Brown Bag Concert Series for providing free performances to the community.

Company Tasks in Clapping Stacks
Choreographed by Gunild Pak this is an upbeat dance about the hoops company members must jump through to perform.

Cow Chronicles
Guest choreographer Karen Frank-Ramos choreographed this work to a piece composed by Phillip K. Bimstein.