History - Another Language On Tour (1991)
May 25, 1991 - O.C. Tanner Amphitheater, Springdale, Utah

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Music for Bubble Biters
The concert opened with Music for Bubble Biters created by Jimmy H. Miklavcic.

Ignorance of Burden
This duet choreographed and performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic is about co-dependency and carrying the weight of a partner without even being aware of the burden. The poetry is written by Mark Neumann.

But I Still Wonder - I. Truth or Consequences
This solo choreographed and performed by Eleni Kambouris is about dealing with childhood confusion when questions are not answered. In this solo she is the adult looking at the child's world.

Plax Attax
Choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this dance is a comment on the proliferation of plastic bottles. The rhythmic hitting was symbolic of environmental impact. In hindsight this work was about fifteen years ahead of its time.

Guest choreographer Karen Frank-Ramos improvises movements to blues music.

Performance Volunteers
Jimmy Miklavcic talks with the audience to find two volunteers to perform with the Company in On All Fours.

Company Tasks in Clapping Stacks
Choreographed by Gunild Pak this high energy dance is a statement about the pace of keeping an independent performance company going.

On All Fours
Created by Christopher Murry Ivins, Gunild Pak, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic this improvisational, humorous dance was designed for audience participation.

Photographic Memory
Choreographed and performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic this rendition of Photographic Memory was enhanced by the natural environment including the gentle desert breeze.

But I Still Wonder - II. The Staid Course
Choreographed and performed Eleni Kambouris as an opposite from the first solo she is now a child-like character in a larger world.

Avoid Your First Inclinations
Choreographed by Jimmy H. Miklavcic, this work is a whimsical look at the creative decisions one makes after one avoids first inclinations. It also incorporates Jimmy's past experiences in the Williamstown High School Marching Band, replacing traditional instruments with squeeze toys and PVC pipe.

Cow Chronicles
Guest choreographer Karen Frank-Ramos created this work to connect with the local Springdale audience by using local composer Phillip K. Bimstein's music.