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In Concert
Another Language In Concert - This concert premiered four new works; Changes in Space (1992) by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, Perennial Rhythm (1992) by Eleni Kambouris, Bleeding: Living as Bleeding: Dying (1992) by Angie Head and Sarah's Piano (1992) by Sarah Hudelson. Additional works by Elizabeth include What?!(1984) and Eglantine (1991). The concert also featured The President's Registration (1990) created by Jon Scoville with prose by Mark Strand as well as Risoluto (1989) by Fiona Reilly.
A View of Nine Exhibition
A View of Nine Exhibition - Elizabeth Miklavcic was nominated for the 1992 Utah Arts Council's Visual Artist Fellowship Award. Her works A Chrysalis Project and Eglantine were part of the A View of Nine exhibition at the Salt Lake Art Center April 4 - May 15, 1992. Finalist for the 1992 Fellowship Award were Allen Bishop, Anna Campbell Bliss, Sue Cotter, Mary Fish, Susan Fleming, Stephen A. Goldsmith, Randall Lake, Beth Miklavcic, and Michael Plyler.
Utah Arts Festival
Utah Arts Festival - Another Language was invited to be one of the anchor companies of the Utah Arts Festival's Festi-Live Stage. The venue was located in the northwest corner of the Delta Center. The compnay performed more four shows during the festival's week long stay at the Triad Center.
Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival - Another Language had the opportunity to perform in the Intiman Theatre for the 1992 Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. The company drove up in a rented van, through Idaho, to Seattle Washington for this event.
Slickrock - Another Language was invited by Tina Karlsson to participate in a site-specific project in Boulder, Utah. The landscape is now known as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which Bill Clinton designated on September 18, 1996 under the Antiquities Act. Her idea was to create a structured improvisational modern dance work immersed in the high desert environment.
New Music - Utah
New Music Utah - Another Language performing Arts Company was a major sponsor of New Music Across America Utah. The company performed Music for Bubble Biters at the Bit & Spur Restaurant and Saloon. This performance was unique in that, instead of using water in the bowls, company members performed the piece with bowls of ice cold beer.
Fantasy Flights
Fantasy Flights - This concert was Another Language's first concert designed for children. The concert featured six works, That Darn Arm, Music for Bubble Biters, Born in the Bellybutton of a Great Gray Whale, Avoid Your First Inclinations, A Quirk in Progress and Thoughts Unfolding.
The Children's Museum of Utah
The Children's Museum of Utah - Throughout 1992 and 1993 Another Language Performing Arts Company performed and gave a creative movement class the first Sunday of every month at The Children's Museum of Utah. This is a thank you letter from Scott Marsh who was the Museum Director at the time.
Educational - Elizabeth Miklavcic conducted a ten day Utah Arts Council Artist In Education Residency workshop on April 22 - May 1, 1992 at Loa Elementary School, Loa, Utah
The Artists' Exchange
The Artists' Exchange - Four Artists' Exchanges were held in 1992. The event took place on Sunday mornings, it was a time of open forum between artists and audience members. Artists of all genres were invited to present their work. After each presentation, comments and questions were shared between the artist and the audience.