History - Slickrock (1992)
September 26, 1992 - Boulder, Utah

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Slickrock (1992)
Music: (Video Credits)
Dancers: Jeannine Chan, Michael Larkin, Elizabeth Miklavcic, Tina Karlsson, Ryan Sales
Videography: Jimmy Miklavcic
Location: Sugar Loaf Mountain, Boulder, Utah
Length: 19:17 minutes

Video Stills
Another Language Performing Arts Company was invited early in 1992 by Tina Karlsson to participate in a site-specific project in Boulder, Utah. The landscape is now known as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which Bill Clinton designated on September 18, 1996 under the Antiquities Act. Her idea was to create a structured improvisational modern dance work immersed in the high desert environment.
Approximately a five hour drive south from Salt Lake City, the Company traveled in a 1987 Chevy Astro van with no back seats to her ranch house in Boulder, Utah on September 25, 1992. We literally just had to walk across the newly paved street from her home to our performance location on the slick rock hills.
We had two rehearsals on the 26th. The goal of the first rehearsal was to experiment with ideas, map out a concept, develop a basic structure, and share some movement ideas for some moments of commonality within the dance. The second rehearsal in the middle of the day, was a dress rehearsal where we took the previously developed ideas from beginning to end and then refined some of the ideas based on how the rehearsal felt. In the early evening around 5:00pm the performance was held where members of the community were invited, free of charge, to experience Slickrock.
The dancers emanate from various places on the side of the hill. They come together and go on a journey in the desert, and then dissolve back into the petrified sand dune from which they emerged. The slick rock that the dancers performed on was a lot steeper than it looks on the video. Even though it was September, it was still very hot, and by the time the performance came around, after two physically challenging rehearsals, the Company was pretty tired. Performance adrenaline kicked in and all the participants had a transformational experience of connection with the stunning environment and each other. The company is forever grateful to have been involved in this project. It was an incredible adventure.
Participants included Ryan Sales on his first project with Another Language, company veterans Jeannine Chan and Michael Larkin, special guest Tina Karlsson, and Founding Co-Director Elizabeth Miklavcic as performers. Founding Co-Director Jimmy Miklavcic was in charge of video documentation.
Editing this video was a challenge, there were many technical issues to address. Approximately fifteen years ago Jimmy Miklavcic began working on this piece, and just as editing would progress, life and/or other projects would take priority. The video was picked up and put aside many times. Adobe After Effects was used to stabilize the hand held camera shake. (Image stabilization is much better in modern cameras.) It was shot on a Canon L1 Hi 8 Camcorder and the final product of this documentation has a lot of resolution issues. Twenty-nine years later the Company is pleased to be able to provide this recently completed documentation of Slickrock.