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Blank Stare and a Whisper
Blank Stare and a Whisper - This concert featured a new suite of beautiful dances by Elizabeth Miklavcic choreographed to several innovative compositions by Pamela Z.
The Arts Magazine
The Arts Magazine - The April 1993 issue contained a feature article about Another Language Performing Arts Company. The journal entries of Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic were depicted, covering the development process of creating the A Blank Stare and a Whisper concert. Photographs were by Chad Johnson.
Utah Arts Festival
Utah Arts Festival - Another Language Performing Arts Company returned as one of the headliners on the Festi-Live Stage in the northwest corner of the Delta Center.
Brown Bag Concert
Brown Bag Concert - August 19, 2003 Another Language performed for the Brown Bag Concert Series at the University of Utah Hospital in the Browning Plaza Sculpture Garden.
Nite Lite and Tails
Nite Lite and Tails Festival - The evening was full of illuminous fun and surprises. The theme of this fundraising event was all about nite lites. Everyone wore something that lit up and the studio was studded with nite lites of all kinds.
Scholarship and Residency Pilot Programs
Scholarship and Residency Programs - These pilot programs developed by Another Language Performing Arts Company, gave a choreographer free use of the Another Language Performance Studio at 345 West Pierpont Avenue in Salt Lake City, Utah, for two months. The program included the availability of company dancers on which to set choreographic works. The programs concluded with a performance by the choreographer, in which with the audience was able to discuss with the choreographer the motivations for the work. The 1993 pilot program featured Hilary Carrier.
See and Share
See and Share - This concert was the company's second children's production. A large backdrop was constructed out of old used clothing. The performers inserted themselves into some of the clothing, becoming part of the huge tapestry.
The Children's Museum of Utah
The Children's Museum of Utah - Throughout 1992 and 1993 Another Language Performing Arts Company performed and gave a creative movement class the first Sunday of every month at The Children's Museum of Utah. This is a thank you letter from Scott Marsh who was the Museum Director at the time.
Educational - This was a Utah Arts Council residency that Elizabeth and Jimmy taught at Emerson Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many students at the school were involved in this residency and performance.
Behind-The-Scenes - Beth Miklavcic was working on a dance for the Utah Ballet Concert. Two videos show the process of experimenting with movement choreography. One draft of some of the movement was being worked on by members of Another Language Performing Arts Company and the other draft was a rehearsal with three ballet dancers at the University of Utah. This dance remained a sketch and was never performed.
Company Photo Session
Company Photo Session - This Another Language Performing Arts Company photo session with Christopher Pfeiffer took place on the Salt Flats of the Great Salt Lake on May 16th, 1993. Since it was spring, much of the Salt Flats area was flooded. Being flexible, the Company worked with what they had, which at times, meant going into the water. It was a creative, and fun experience. The Salt Flats are a very unusual and surreal environment, many of these photos have a bleached-bypass and impressionistic quality, depicting the artistic experience of that day.
Brochure - 1993's season brochure was created using both digital and photocopying techniques. The main image on the cover was photocopied and the rest was designed in MacPaint.
The Artists' Exchange
The Artists' Exchange - Four Artists' Exchanges were held in 1993. The event took place on Sunday mornings, it was a time of open forum between artists and audience members. Artists of all genres were invited to present their work. After each presentation, comments and questions were shared between the artist and the audience.