History - See and Share (1993)
November 5 - 13, 1993 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Hamper Scamper
The opening of the children's concert, it is difficult to see, but the dancers are in the backdrop inside different pieces of clothing that had been sewn together by Jill Poe and Phyllis George.

Dancers Introduction
The dancers introduce themselves to the children - young and old, in the audience.

Getting Tubed
Choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, Getting Tubed is inspired by the Santa Cruz, California Beach and Boardwalk. Elizabeth lived in the Monterey Bay Area until she was twenty and the influences of sand and surf are strong in this dance. The inner tubes are combined to represent a merry-go-round, the fun house, surfing and more.

Kon Tiki
Choreographed and performed by Jane Gregory Payne. This solo is about the voyage of the Kon Tiki. The banner was constructed for the 1992 Fantasy Flight's childrens concert where Jane began her visual exploration of this subject.

This high energy dance was Spencer John Powell's debut choreography with Another Language Performing Arts Company. Performed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic and Spencer John Powell. The beautiful sets and costumes were created and constructed by Scott Michelson.

When The Floor Bounces
Based on clowns or harlequins, this piece is about watching the three dancers come to life and interact in their play room, at the end, the dancing dolls go back to sleep.

Audience Participation
Speaker Elizabeth A. Miklavcic leads the audience through mirroring movements and sculpts two audience members into a shape.

Lab' Rat Or Why
Choreographed by Jeannine Chan - where lab rats get revenge in a crazy dream. Guest performer Dan Mitchell is the scientist. Jane Gregory Payne, Spencer John Powell and Travis Rasmussen are the lab rats.

The Sale
Concert finale, choreographed by Marianne Benson - this dance was inspired by her years spent working in the retail business. Guest performer Michael Seare plays the store manager in this dance.