History - Utah Arts Festival (1994)
June 24 - 26, 1994 - Festi-Live Stage, Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Meadowlark (Lucia)
Guest choreographer Rosalind Newmark explored in movement and text the behavior of the Meadowlark. Dancers are Jeannine Chan, Spencer John Powell, and Travis Rasmussen.

No Place Formaldehyde
A solo created and performed by Jimmy H. Miklavcic, this work was an exploration of identity as seen through video and the ever present television set.

Stuck In The Middle With You
Another Language artist-in-residence and guest choreographer Hilary Carrier choreographed this trio on Jeannine Chan, Spencer John Powell and Travis Rasmussen. The three month residency was a pilot program that provided the artist with space and dancers to facilitate the creation of new works.

Photographic Memory
Originally choreographed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic in 1988, Photographic Memory was inspired by the title of a poem by William Butler Yeats. Set in the Victorian era, the dance depicts a couple's life, showing moments of joy, dependency, connection and conflict. As the couple looks back on the memory of their relationship, represented by the picture frames, they dance the moments of their lives together.

Jimmy Miklavcic speaks with the Arts Festival audience.

Three Ballads For Mother
Concert Finale - Choreographed by Spencer John Powell, this dance was a touching tribute for Spencer's mother, who had passed away from cancer in 1993. Elizabeth A. Miklavcic dances the title role, her children are danced by Jeannine Chan, Mickey Mounarath, and Travis Rasmussen.

Farewell To Jeannine Chan
A farewell to company member Jeannine Chan, June 26, 1994.