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Stepping into the Light
Stepping into the Light - Another Language Performing Arts Company performed its tenth anniversary concert, Stepping into the Light at the Judge Memorial High School Auditorium.
Utah Arts Festival
Utah Arts Festival - The company had the opportunity to perform on the Main Stage of the Utah Arts Festival in 1995. Five works, No Place Formaldehyde, a solo from Three Ballads for Mother, Changes in Space, Photographic Memory and Approaches were performed.
Utah Arts Festival Mayor's Artist Award
Mayor's Artist Award - Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic were awarded the 1995 Utah Arts Festival Mayor's Artist Award for excellence in performance and service to the community. In 1995, Mayor Deedee Corradini was the Salt Lake City Mayor, she gave the awards to the recipients, who also included, Willy Littig - Visual Arts and Francois Camoin - Literary Arts.
Western Arts Alliance
Western Arts Alliance - Another Language Performing Arts Company's photograph of Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic by John Brandon, was featured in the Western Alliance of Arts Administrators Foundation newsletter, Western Ways.
Experiments In The Black Box
Experiments In The Black Box - was organized by Brent Schneider and produced by Repertory Dance Theater. Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic were invited to perform Photographic Memory in the former paper box warehouse performance space where the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center now stands.
The studio office - After moving out of the Artspace Project, the company began building its new studio and office space in the 9th and 9th area in Salt Lake City.