History - Utah Arts Festival Mayor's Artist Award (1995)
June 21, 1995 - Amphitheater Stage, Triad Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

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1995 Award Ceremony, Left-To-Right - Willy Littig, Jimmy & Elizabeth Miklavcic Photograph: Pam Littig

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The Utah Arts Festival Mayor's Artist Award
Every year the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office awards individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the artistic landscape of the (Salt Lake City) community. Since 1992, more than 65 people have been honored by the mayor's office and the festival for their contributions to the cultural life of the community. The Mayor's Artists Award winners are selected by a jury of representatives from the Utah Arts Festival, the Office of the Mayor, the Salt Lake City Arts Council and past recipients.

Another Language Catalog Text: The primary emphasis of dance is, of course, visual (and kinetic), but it is nevertheless an undeniably powerful form of communication. For the past ten years, Jimmy and Beth Miklavcic have focused on that power with their troupe, Another Language performing Sunday at 7:30p.m. on the Amphitheater Stage.

The pair combined their talents; Jimmy's background is in music and a variety of forms. Beth has been dancing since she was a child and, in addition to holding two degrees in the discipline, has taught at the University of Utah's Modern Dance department; to form what they call an "interdisciplinary, modern dance, performing arts company." Simply, the seven-member company is a blend of: dance, poetry, music videography - whatever it takes," says Beth. "It is all movement based, and the basis of the (Company) name comes from what is expressed through body language."

Another Language has been involved for five years with ArtSpace, which was its primary performing arena. Now, the county has developed plans for the Performing Arts Coalition and Another Language, along with Repertory Dance Theater, Utah Opera, Gina Bachauer, and Ririe-Woodbury, will soon be performing in the tri-plex that will include both a 500 and a 1,000 seat theatre.