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Intransitive Senses

InterPlay: Intransitive Senses was a multimedia, multi-artist performance transmitted over Internet 2, experienced both live and on the Internet. This was Another Language's first performance of this type. InterPlay: Intransitive Senses premiered on April 19, 2003 at University of Utah Intermountain Network & Scientific Computation Center Auditorium. It featured performances by Alex Caldiero, Harold Carr, Flavia Cervino-Wood, Elizabeth and Hanelle Miklavcic and was directed by Jimmy Miklavcic.
Utah Symposium in Science and Literature
Utah Symposium in Science and Literature Another Language revised it's performance of InterPlay: Intransitive Senses on October 10, 2003, for the Utah Symposium in Science and Literature. Performers were Alex Caldiero, Kate Macleod, Elizabeth and Hanelle Miklavcic and was directed by Jimmy Miklavcic.
Outside/In (Part I)
Outside/In (Part I) On December 16, 2003 an experiment lead by director Nadja Masura was held by taking Personal Interface to the Grid Machines (PIGS) outside to broadcast a performance about "Place". Participants were Another Language and the University of Utah, University of Maryland, College Park and The National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada.
What?!: A Choreographic Evolution is a DVD-ROM compilation of various versions of What?! that follows a ten year evolution. The work, created by Beth Miklavcic in 1984, goes through several changes, adjusting to new spaces and new dancers. More than two years of media asset gathering by Beth brought the video, images and menus of What?! into Spruce Technologies' DVD Maestro (now Apple's DVD Studio Pro). By May, it was ready for replication and by the end of June, the DVD was published.
Brochure - The brochure for 2003 was designed by Beth Miklavcic and featured a video still from Creative Passings and photography by John Brandon and Barry Kough.