History - Projects and Partnerships (2003)
Outside/In (Part I) - December 16, 2003

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Outside/In (Part I) Access Gridtm Utah Screen
On December 16, 2003 an ArtGrid experiment lead by director Nadja Masura was held by taking Personal Interface to the Grid Machines (PIGS) outside to broadcast a performance about "Place". Participants were Another Language and the University of Utah, University of Maryland, College Park and The National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada.

Outside/In Part I, was an exploration of "Place" where each participant spoke about the uniqueness of their environment. After each participant spoke, a test to have the performers speak in unison was attempted. Difficulties in having participants speak in unison included echo, latency/delay and cuing. The performers spoke this text: We are outside, coming in. Bringing the (trees, Maryland), bringing the (Arctic, Canada), bringing the (Salt Lake, Utah) into view and into reach...into a shared place.

The event was telematically staged and as the above picture depicts - very cold performing outside in Canada and Utah. Performers were Nadja Masura, Elizabeth Miklavcic and Ken Emig.