History - Projects and Partnerships (2004)
Outside/In: Within These Walls - April 16, 2004

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Outside/In (Part II) Access Gridtm Utah Main Node Station

ArtGrid, founded by Jimmy Miklavcic, was initially a North American group that held a series of monthly presentations, performances, rehearsals, or discussions from those interested in developing creative and artistic projects using the Access Gridtm. The group met in the Full Sail of the Argonne National Laboratory's venue server. These monthly events helped expand the idea that the Access Grid was a viable venue for telematic collaborations and performances that could span the globe.

Outside/In: Within These Walls, created and directed by Nadja Masura with technologists Jimmy Miklavcic and Brian Buck; this event was held April 16, 2004, as a live, multi-site digital theatre performance experiment where the host site staged a live performance in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center's Lab Theater at the University of Maryland College Park.

The event was telematically staged with participants in Utah (The University of Utah), Ottawa (National Research Council Canada), and Maryland (University of Maryland College Park), and was viewable virtually on the GRID.

Outside/In : Within These Walls was the second part of an experiment in broadcasting images from nature and external landscapes into the GRID environment. Emily Dickenson's poetry and mythology served to parallel the technology's ability to allow the individual to transcend physical location. The performance experiment explored notions of Place expanded by teleconferencing and real-time telepresent interactions.

Elizabeth Miklavcic Performing Outside/In (Part II)

Elizabeth Miklavcic Performing Outside/In (Part II)

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