History - Projects and Partnerships (2004)
Supercomputing Global - November 11, 2004

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Pictured: Jimmy Miklavcic Hallucinations Case Study Presentation

The 2004 Supercomputing Global Conference was held November 8-11. Anchored in the newly constructed technology-enhanced David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA, SC Global 2004 linked Access Grid communities from around the world in an exchange of ideas through highly informative talks, papers, panels and BOFs on topics of interest to attendees. The focus of the SC Global 2004 was to demonstrate collaborative applications and tools that have developed over recent years and how it has become a unique venue for artistic expression and other innovative ideas in the Access Grid environment.

Jimmy Miklavcic presented InterPlay: Hallucinations - A Telematic Performance Form Case Study on November 11th. Attendees particpated locally and gloabally through the use of the Access Grid Video Conference System.

Hallucinations Poster - SC04 Exhibition

Jimmy & Elizabeth Miklavcic - SC04 Exhibition

View of Pittsburgh, PA David L. Lawrence Convention Center