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Music for Bubble Biters Interview

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Music for Bubble Biters Photograph: Erik Ratcliffe

Music for Bubble Biters - Debut
The debut screening of Music for Bubble Biters - The Mockumentary was held on January 14, 2005, at the University of Utah Intermountain Networking and Scientific Computation Center Auditorium.

Artistic obsession and the need to create takes on many forms and some of them are so unconventional that the adventure of bringing the idea into reality is more of a struggle then the actual performance. This is the case with Music for Bubble Biters, shot in the Mockumentary film style the story follows Jimmy the conductor and creator of the Bubble Biters composition as he sets the work on a new cast. Some members of the cast have issues with what they are being asked to do, which is play an instrument that is a bowl of water.

Additional Screenings
Just Another Film Festival (Foursite Film Festival) - Ogden, Utah - March 24, 2005
First Night - Salt Lake City, Utah - December 31, 2005
Your Indies Are Showing - Springdale, Utah - June 6, 2006
Brolly Arts H20 Event- Salt Lake City, Utah - September 27-October 2, 2010

More information about this movie is available in the Bubble Biters section of the website.