History - Projects and Partnerships (2005)
International Federation of Theatre Research - June 27-July 2, 2005

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Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
The International Federation of Theatre Research
This conference comes to the United States once very twenty years. The 2005 conference, held on June 26-July2, 2005 was sponsored by the Department of Theatre at the University of Maryland College Park, near Washington, D.C. The subject of the conference focused on the Citizen Artist: Theatre, Culture and Community.

The directors of Another Language Performing Arts Company were greatly honored to present on June 27thin the Laboratory Theatre at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. The panel was titled Citizen Artists of the GRID. Jimmy Miklavcic stared off by describing the technological requirements to create the 2004 InterPlay: Hallucinations, Elizabeth Miklavcic talked about The Role of the Artist within the InterPlay Process and Nadja Masura presented her research on Multi-site Community, Performance, Collaboration and Place.

This conference showcased theatre research conducted around the world. It truly was an inspiring experience.