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Elements - Another Language performed in Elements, an interdisciplinary telematic performance with the Digital Performance Group at the University of Maryland Department of Dance at 6pm (MST) February 3-4, 2006. This project was initiated and directed by Nadja Masura.
Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek

InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek - Performed March 31 - April 2, 2006, this InterPlay was an exploration into the tenuous devotion that humans have towards the inundating wave of digital information and non-experiential knowledge. Packet Creek depicted the Internet with its flow of disassembled pieces of data that course throughout the world like schools of spawning salmon. Dancing on the Banks explored the ritualistic gyrations that are expressed, as content is created, disseminated, searched, and acquired.
Mind Waves Paper and Presentation
Mind Waves Paper and Presentation - Mind Waves was created for InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek held March 31 through April 2, 2006. The InterPlay series, developed by Another Language Performing Arts Company, focuses on combining different art forms in innovative ways. This paper and presentation, by Elizabeth Miklavcic demonstrated the complexity of creating and using the Access Grid video conferencing tools and the interesting challenges artists face when participating in this genre.
MAGPI Symposium
MAGPI Symposium - On April 6, 2006, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic presented on-line for the Mid-Atlantic Gigapop (point-of-presence) symposium in Philadelphia for Internet 2 for participants in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
Music for Bubble Biters Interview
Music for Bubble Biters Interview - On June 6, 2006, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic and Erik Brown participated in a television interview about Music for Bubble Biters-The Mockumentary on Your Indies are Showing.
Locating Grid Technologies
Locating Grid Technologies - Dr. Angela Piccini a Research Councils Academic Fellow with the Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television with the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom invited Another Language Directors Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic to speak for a symposium on Performativity | Place | Space: Locating Grid Technologies, held October 19, 2006.
Supercomputing Global
Supercomputing Global Performance - On Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Another Language Performing Arts Company performed at Supercomputing Global in Tampa, Florida. SC Global played a major part in Supercomputing 06 by linking geographically diverse communities from around the world and allowing them to showcase the latest in high-end collaborative technologies.
Production Elements
Production Elements Presentation - On Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic gave a presentation Production Elements- Awareness of the On-Line Self during the Collaborative Performing Arts session for the Supercomputing Global Showcase at the Tampa, Florida Convention Center. This presentation examined ways to improve the video and audio sent by users of the Access Grid.
anotherlanguage.org - The 2006 web component in development was the Interactive section of the Another Language website. This project was developed as a web version of the What?: A Choreographic Evolution DVD a three year project that began in 2000.
Awards - InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was honored as a national semi-finalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity.