History - Projects and Partnerships (2007)
2007 Access Grid Retreat

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Jimmy Miklavcic Viewing 3D Presentation Gleacher Center, Chicago, IL

2007 Access Grid Retreat
The 2007 Access Grid (AG) Retreat was held May 14-16, 2007 at the Gleacher Center in Chicago, Illinois. The Access Grid Retreat is an annual event involving users, developers, and researchers concerned with the Access Grid software and with collaboration research.

The Access Grid Retreat was an ideal environment for the AG community to share recent experiences and research findings, to present ideas for future AG technical directions, and to train and educate AG newcomers. Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic attended this retreat to learn more about the Access Grid system and its development. New additions to the system included a web-based interface that had the potential Another Language's Internet audiences the opportunity to view all the Access Grid video streams directly through the web site. Elizabeth established a connection with Mike Daly of Cardiff University in Wales. He had developed an animated, three dimensional system for arranging the Access Grid windows across the display.