History - Projects and Partnerships (2008)
Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference, September 14-17, 2008

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Jimmy and Beth Miklavcic presenting in West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge University, England Photo by: Kathleen Richardson

DRHA Presentation - Cambridge University, England
September 16, 2008, Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic presented The Poetics of Challenge for the Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference. The aim of the DRHA 2008 conference was to establish a site for mutually creative exchanges of knowledge; promote discussion around new collaborative environments and collective knowledge; encourage and celebrate the connections and tensions within the liminal spaces that exist between the Arts and Humanities; redefine disciplinary boundaries; create a forum for debate around notions of the 'solitary' and the collaborative across the Arts and Humanities; explore the impact of the Arts and Humanities on information and communication technologies (ICT); design and narrative structures and visa versa.