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Sguardi Sonori-Festival of Media and Time Based Art
Sguardi Sonori-Infinite Spaces - Festival of Media and Time Based Art 2009 by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art, incorporated the Human Emotion Project into this year's festival. The festival toured to Rome, as well as many other Italian cities and ran through October.
Human Emotion Project
Human Emotion Project - initiated, organized and produced by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art. The project was an expression/representation of human emotions interpreted through video/film with contributions from the global artistic community.
Idaho State University Presentation
Idaho State University - Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic gave a presentation to fine arts students and faculty. The Poetics of Challenge presentation (given at Cambridge University, UK in 2008) opened much discussion with the faculty regarding telematics and the possibilities of collaboration between organizations and institutions from varied geographical locations.
Utah Dance In Education Presentation
Utah Dance In Education - March 7th, Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic presented The Poetics of Challenge for the Utah Dance In Education Organization's annual statewide spring conference. The 2009 conference theme was Dance and Technology: Taking the fear out of the 21st Century - Exploring the use of Technology in Dance Education.
InterPlay: Anartomy
InterPlay: Anartomy - This InterPlay debuted March 27-29 & April 3-5, 2009 at the University of Utah, Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center. The concept for this performance was the art of the body, InterPlay: AnARTomy explored the human body as a complex system of thought and action where the simplest impulse generates the most amazing human motion. The subject of AnARTomy was an exploration into our very personal receptacle as a connector through which humans operate, activate and live.
E-Scape Canvases At CHPC
E-Scape Canvases - Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, member of CHPC's multimedia and visualization team, has created "E-Scape" Canvases that are designed so viewers can escape into a multipoint view of different worlds, as well as, pull back and view the complete composition of the surreal landscape. Using the Maya canvas and paintbrushes, she began to experiment with creating 2D visual images within a 3D program. Using multiple layers of imager she has created numerous visual stimuli throughout the canvas grid. Although many of the compositions she has created are rich with content, some of her works contain a single item, which can appear to be a complex as the multi-layered canvases.
Computer Museum
The Computer Museum - Another Language Performing Arts Company was invited to present and screen several InterPlay performances for the opening reception on June 19th, of the newly founded Computer Museum. Director Richard Thompson has been collecting and preserving a variety of historical machines. He intends to create interactive content and continue to build the museum's collection. His idea has the potential to create a fantastic resource for computer history in Salt Lake City.
The Leonardo
The Leonardo - June 25, 27, & 29, 2009, Another Language Performing Arts Company was invited to present InterPlay: AnARTomy at The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City during the Utah Arts Festival. Jimmy and Beth Miklavcic recreated the cinematic display component of the performance using AGVCR and a simulated network. After this event, The Leonardo building was to undergo renovations to create a state-of-the-art national science center.
In David Blaines' Wake
In David Blaines' Wake - Elizabeth Miklavcic was cast as Glory, the lead, for a staged reading of In David Blaines's Wake written by L. Isabella Iasella and directed by Rebecca Webber. The June 26th performance was sponsored by Beth Bruner and Holladay Arts. This event was a fundraiser for the Salt Lake City Cancer Wellness House.
The Exonerated
The Exonerated - Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic were invited by director William Ferrer to participate in a staged reading of The Exonerated by Salt Lake City based People Productions. The Exonerated, a play written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen is about the stories of people who have been falsely accused and imprisoned.
InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek DVD
InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek DVD - The final project for the 2009 Another Language Performing Arts Company season, Elizabeth Miklavcic finished the 2006 InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek DVD in November.This DVD is available at the Another Language web store.
anotherlanguage.org - Elizabeth Miklavcic spent five months restoring company performances from a variety of old video formats, as part of the upcoming celebration of the Company's 25th Anniversary in 2010. A complete reconstruction of the history area of the website was undertaken by Jimmy Miklavcic.
Awards - InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the Salt Lake City Weekly 2009 Artys Staff Award - "Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning".