History - Projects and Partnerships (2009)
University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing - Spring Newsletter 2009

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Pictured: Unstill Life An E-Scape Digital Painting By Elizabeth Miklavcic

Beth A. Miklavcic, a member of CHPC's multimedia and visualization team, has created "E-Scape" Canvases that are designed so viewers can escape into a multipoint view of different worlds, as well as, pull back and view the complete composition of the surreal landscape. Using the Maya canvas and paintbrushes, she began to experiment with creating 2D visual images within a 3D program. Using multiple layers of imager she has created numerous visual stimuli throughout the canvas grid. Although many of the compositions she has created are rich with content, some of her works contain a single item, which can appear to be a complex as the multi-layered canvases. Digital E-Scape paintings are available as Membership incentives in the Another Language Web Store.