History - Projects and Partnerships (2010)
Excited Atoms - April 9, 2010

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Earlier in the season, the Another Language Directors participated in an on-line interview process for On-the-Move organization. The publication, Excited Atoms by Judith Staines, presented by On-the-Move, is an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts. "Excited Atoms outlines a history of virtual mobility in performance, presents the main types of work with inspiring current examples and traces some of the most critical issues and motivations for artists, cultural producers and promoters to collaborate, share, make, question, present and innovate using virtual mobility. In-depth interviews with twenty-one key practitioners, cultural managers and critical observers share informed points-of-view from around the world. This educational document covers networked performance ... enlarging the action radius ... participatory strategies ... one-way, two-way and third spaces in interactive performance ... virtual stages ... avatars ... live streaming of work in progress ... transdisciplinarity ... and so much more. The study was funded by the Fundacion Autor." Excited Atoms was released; free to the public, on April 9th and received over 4,000 downloads during the first week. Select this link for Judith Staines publication Excited Atoms or download PDF.