History - Projects and Partnerships (2011)
Torino/Sister Cities Project, Salt Lake City, Utah June 20, 2011 - July 31, 2011

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Salt Lake City In 90 Seconds
Another Language Performing Arts Company participated in an International Art Project that is being exhibited in various locations throughout Salt Lake City. TorinOver is an international contemporary art exhibition that comes to Salt Lake City via the Sister Cities Organization. Video segments from Rotterdam, Glasgow and Nagoya are among featured cities.

"The exhibition enlists the communicative power of artistic languages to provoke reflection and stir action," said Elisa Lenhard, project curator in Torino, Italy. Maryda Nicole Gallo, the Salt Lake City Sister Cities Torino representative, invited Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic to create Salt Lake City in 90 Seconds for the exhibition.

TorinOver10 Festival Videos
This 52:13 length movie explores the theme of the environment, its relative contraditions and commonplaces by analyzing the difficult and complex situation in which the planet finds itself in this historic moment. The works on show explore different ideas related to the current environmental emergency, some of the movies are silent and others include audio.

The 2010 edition of TorinOver presented a selecton of work at San Pietro in Vincoli in Turin, the CBK space in Rotterdam, at the Trongate space in Glasgow, the exhibit also traveled to Nagoya and Salt Lake City. - Download City Weekly Article -

Pictured: Sister Cities TorinOver Meeting and Reception Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City In 90 Seconds
May 26, 2011, Salt Lake City Sister Cities representatives for Torino, Italy Maryda Gallo and Jinger LaGuardia met with local artists Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic to discuss an environmentally-themed international art event. The Miklavcic's are the featured local artists. Video pieces by other artists from around the world will be playing at select locations beginning in late June 2011 in Salt Lake City and continue for one month.

The public reception and unveiling of the TorinoOver art videos was held at the Salt Lake City and County building on June 20th from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Salt Lake City in 90 Seconds, created by the Miklavcics for the TorinOver10 Festival, began the series of videos that ran throughout the evening.

These film haikus, give visual flavor of an expressive idea. Working with textural imagery, they give us glimpses of environmental statements. The impact of these compact visions can be profound. The truth of art touches us. This project, involving so many different voices, represents how we can create shared experiences. It gives us a moment that brings us closer together. The TorinOver/Sister Cities project demonstrates the power of art to communicate beyond borders, beyond language, to touch the soul and speak to our core selves.
Elizabeth Miklavcic - Reception Statement (06/20/2011)

When we were invited by Maryda Nicole Gallo to represent Salt Lake City in the TorinOver 10 festival, we were informed that the theme of the video was the environment. With that idea, we set about documenting the environment of Salt Lake City. Beth and I, for more than two months, beginning in the late spring of 2010, collected many hours of video from various areas in and around Salt Lake and carved it into a ninety second video that reveals the physical and cultural environment from which we draw inspiration. The diametric opposition between the city's energy and the natural landscape, coexisting so closely, shapes our creative process. Salt Lake City in 90 Seconds displays images that describe the land and city scape in which we live, as well as, images that we have composed to present a vision of how, as artist, we see our environment. We wish to thank Maryda and the Salt Lake Sister Cities Advisory Board for giving Beth and I the opportunity to represent Salt Lake City in the TorinOver10 Festival.
Jimmy Miklavcic - Reception Statement (06/20/2011)

Pictured: TorinOver Project in Second Life, Marriott Library Island Salt Lake City, Utah

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The TorinOver10 videos were on display from July 11-31, 2011 in Salt Lake City locations at the Marriott Library Fine Arts and Architecture Island in Second Life and in the front window of the Marriott Library Digital Scholarship Laboratory.

Beth & Jimmy Miklavcic at the West Entrance Marriott Library TorinOver Videos on Display at the Marriott Library Digital Scholarship Laboratory