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Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art - Elizabeth Miklavcic was selected as the February 2012 Art Shop Artist-of-the-Month by Maggie Willis UMOCA's Visitor Experience, Art Shop and Volunteer Services Manager.
Artists of Utah 15 Bytes Profile
Artists of Utah Profile - Artists of Utah Executive Director, Shawn Rossiter, created this artists profile of Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic for the February publication of 15 Bytes. This video interview focused on the history of Another Language and featured the upcoming Duel*Ality 2.0 performance. Interview | Artists of Utah 15 Bytes
Duel*Ality 2.0
Duel*Ality 2.0 - premiered February 24-26 and March 2-4, 2012. This 3D telematic work was an exploration based on the concepts of relationships and personal duality.
CHPC Visualization Lab - Jimmy Miklavcic wrote an article describing the University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing's Visualization Lab Black Box Theater and 3D active viewing system.

University of Utah CHPC Newsletters | PDF
Mist Into Past - Digital Painting by Elizabeth Miklavcic was featured in the University of Utah Spring newsletter

University of Utah CHPC Newsletters | PDF
Deep Wireless Festival
Deep Wireless Festival - Another Language Performing Arts Company participated in Hug the World a Translocal Performance on May 1, 2012, as part of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art. New Adventures In Sound Art (NAISA) celebrated the re-launch of the NAISA Webcast with a special 6 hour translocal audio jam curated and hosted from Montreal by Eldad Tsabary of CIOrk at Concordia University. Over 50 Performers located on 5 continents connected in real-time improvising and performing sound art.
Supercomputing 2012
Supercomputing 2012 For 24 years, Supercomputing (SC) has been at the forefront in gathering the best and brightest minds in supercomputing together, with unparalleled technical papers, tutorials, posters and speakers.