History - Projects and Partnerships (2016)
2016 Another Language Performing Arts Company Web Development

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Restoration work began on a new series of 1988 photographs, but was interrupted when the discovery was made that the company’s .mov files no longer displayed. This began a long process of re-encoding the hundreds of videos available in the History section of AnotherLanguage.org. The repairs involved resizing the videos, making new video poster images and updating the HTML code so that the new MPEG4 videos played for HTML5 supported browsers. All years in the History section of Anotherlanguage.org were repaired in Fiscal Year 2016 with the exceptions of the history projects documented in 1993-1995. The repairs began mid-year and will continue into 2017.

Due to a server security upgrade, code for some image navigation was also broken in 2016. The broken image navigation in the History section of the website was repaired and additional repairs to other sections of Anotherlanguage.org will continue throughout 2017.