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1990 On The Gutting Ledge Concert Another Language Performing Arts Company

Another Language Performing Arts Company, in its 34th year, is in a documentary phase. Engaged in the equivalent of writing a book, Founding Co-Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, are working on descriptions for the hundreds of concert performances archived in the History section of the website. Throughout Fiscal Year 2019 descriptions have been written for projects in 1989 through 1990. These include 1989 Another Language Holds a Conversation performance videos and rehearsals. 1990 projects Dooly Gallery, Dance Jam, Snow College Concert, Granite District Writing Festival, On The Gutting Ledge Concert, Utah Arts Festival, Krapp's Last Tape, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Brown Bag Concert, Rediscover Downtown, Sounds That Art Makes, Egyptian Theater Concert in Park City, and Educational projects.