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Art-of-the-Month - Digital works were added to the Art-of-The-Month online gallery throughout 2020, with new expressions added once a month for public viewing. All previous featured work is available in the Art-of-the-Month Archive. This gallery represents years of canvas and screen visual arts creation and exploration by Founding Co-Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic.
Historical Descriptions
Historical Descriptions - Engaged in the equivalent of writing a book, Another Language Performing Arts Company Founding Co-Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic are working on descriptions for the hundreds of concert performances archived in the History section of AnotherLanguage.org. This year the writing of descriptions for 1991 projects began.
Historical Photographs
Historical Photos - This Another Language Performing Arts Company Photo Session with Christopher Pfeiffer took place on the Salt Flats of the Great Salt Lake on May 16th, 1993. Since it was spring, much of the Salt Flats area was flooded. Being flexible, the Company worked with what they had, which at times, meant going into the water. It was a creative, and fun experience. The Salt Flats are a very unusual and surreal environment, many of these photos have a bleached-bypass and impressionistic quality, depicting the artistic experience of that day.
Annual Newsletter - Another Language Performing Arts Company's 35th Anniversary 2020 Newsletter focused on the development of video-streaming for live performances.