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Art-of-the-Month - Digital works were added to the Art-of-The-Month online gallery throughout 2021, with new expressions added once a month for public viewing. All previous featured work is available in the Art-of-the-Month Archive. This gallery represents years of canvas and screen visual arts creation and exploration by Founding Co-Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic.
Historical Project
Slickrock - Another Language Performing Arts Company was invited early in 1992 by Tina Karlsson to participate in a site-specific project in Boulder, Utah. The landscape is now known as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which Bill Clinton designated on September 18, 1996 under the Antiquities Act. Her idea was to create a structured improvisational modern dance work immersed in the high desert environment. Slickrock.
Eglantine 30th Anniversary
Eglantine - 2021 marks the thirtieth anniversary since the debut of this multimedia dance. The character, based on the mystery of roses, Eglantine and the rose are one and the same. When the rose is manipulated, so is Eglantine. The work symbolizes a loss of purity, but always with the hope and knowledge that for each death there is a renewal. Eglantine.
Historical Photographs
Historical Photos - This Another Language Performing Arts Company Photo Session with Christopher Pfeiffer took place on the Salt Flats of the Great Salt Lake on May 16th, 1993. Since it was spring, much of the Salt Flats area was flooded. Being flexible, the Company worked with what they had, which at times, meant going into the water. It was a creative, and fun experience. The Salt Flats are a very unusual and surreal environment, many of these photos have a bleached-bypass and impressionistic quality, depicting the artistic experience of that day.
Annual Newsletter - Another Language Performing Arts Company's 2021 Newsletter featured the newly completed Slickrock site-specific performance that took place on September 26, 1992 and the thirtieth anniversary of Eglantine a multimedia solo dance created and performed by Elizabeth Miklavcic.