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Eglantine 30th Anniversary, Debuted Oct. 30, 1991, Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., SLC, UT

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Elizabeth Miklavcic (Eglantine) Photograph by John Brandon

Eglantine 30th Anniversary
Created and performed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic symbolically represented as a rose, this multimedia dance is about loneliness and isolation. Eglantine moves in an invisible world unseen by others. Videography and editing by Jimmy H. Miklavcic. The creation of this work was funded by the Salt Lake Arts Council. Eglantine was performed for Another Language's annual concert Another Language In Concert - March 6-15, 1992, and it was screened at the 1992 Dance and Technology Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Eglantine was also performed at the Salt Lake Art Center, as part of Elizabeth's nomination for the Utah Arts Council's 1991-1992 Visual Artist Fellowship Competition, View of Nine.