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In September, 2022, Xmission upgraded another language.org web server. Since then, our web site stats have dropped by more than 93%. According to Xmission support, this is possible when the Internet Protocol (IP) address changes. This essentially resets our web site access to zero. In order to help regain our presence on the web, Jimmy had to engage in Search Engine Optimization tools on our web site. The first tool, a sitemap, has been created and uploaded to the top ten search bots, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple and others.

A site map is a listing of all the files, including the direct path to those files, on our site. A search bot starts at the top of the web site and searches all the files on the site and transfers that info to its host database. Utilizing a sitemap, supposedly speeds up this process. When someone uses a search engine such as Google, it will present our web site quickly. We hope that this tool will regain another language.org's accesses.