InterPlay - Intransitive Senses (2003) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
April 19, 2003 & October 10, 2003 - University of Utah, Salt Lake City

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InterPlay: Intransitive Senses - April 19, 2003
InterPlay: Intransitive Senses was a multimedia, multi-artist performance transmitted over Internet 2, experienced both live and on the Internet. This is Another Language's first performance of this type. InterPlay: Intransitive Senses, premiered on April 19, 2003 at University of Utah Intermountain Network & Scientific Computation Center Auditorium. It featured performances by Alex Caldiero, Harold Carr, Flavia Cervino-Wood, Beth Miklavcic, Hanelle Miklavcic and was directed by Jimmy Miklavcic.

InterPlay: Intransitive Senses - October 10, 2003
The project was performed a second time for the Utah Symposium in Science and Literature. It featured performances by Alex Caldiero, Kate Macleod, Sam Liston, Beth Miklavcic, Hanelle Miklavcic and was directed by Jimmy Miklavcic. In this instance, Elizabeth and Hanelle Miklavcic performed Afternoon Tea on the third floor of the INSCC Building. This provided a means to investigate the remote communications process needed to stage a more global project.

Performance Description
InterPlay: Intransitive Senses consisted of four simultaneously performance events that were captured, mixed, digitized, encoded and streamed onto the network. Each performance was manipulated to appear in any of four video streams. This created a work that took four individual stories and wove them into a multi layered distributed tapestry. Each artist had his/her creative process that lead to his/her artistic performance. The director moved that into another level by taking those performances and incorporated them into his own creative process. There were two types of viewers, local audiences experiencing the live event and remote audiences watching the four video streams either projected on a large screen in an auditorium setting or on a personal computer. The audience discovered a unique view of the diverse artistic culture that thrives in Utah. Another Language believes that creating more unique, artistic opportunities, like InterPlay: Intransitive Senses, attracts and develops a new audience.

Internet 2
Internet 2 (I2) is a research network parallel to our current Internet, connecting all the major universities, colleges and research institutions throughout the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe. No commercial network traffic is routed through this network making it the perfect high-speed infrastructure for video/audio transmission.

Access Grid
A new technology for multimedia communications, called the Access Grid, was developed by Argonne National Labs to assist researchers in collaborations with colleagues in other areas of the world. The University of Utah's Center for High Performance Computing has implemented an Access Grid system. Another Language has been given the opportunity to use this technology to create new artistic works and eventually collaborate with other artists around the world.