InterPlay - Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek (2006) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
March 31 - April 2, 2006 - Participant List

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Another Language Performing Arts Company and
University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing

Beth Miklavcic - Artistic Director
Jimmy Miklavcic - InterPlay Director
Sam Liston - Display Operator
Adam Bateman - Sculptor
Joni Urry Wilson - Dancer
Alyssa Wilson - Dancer
Kate Bradford - Performer
Tsuyoshi Nakata - Stage Manager
Natalie Murdock - Camera Operator
Liza Newren - Camera Operator
Nancy Newren - Camera Operator
Shawn Lyons - Camera Operator
Wayne Bradford - Technical Asistance, Visualization Lab
Joe Breen - Assistant Director for Networking
Julio Facelli - CHPC Director

University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Scott Deal - Composer, Percussionist
Miho Aoki - Computer Graphics
Siyuan Wang - Computer Graphics
Peng Chao - Computer Graphics
Dustin Takao - Percussion
Susie Hallinan - Violin
Dixon Burkett - Percussion
Shawn Savageau - Percussion
Eric Retterer - Percussion
Quinton Harris - Percussion
David Krnavek - Node Operator
Paul Mercer - Visualization Systems Analyst
Eric Peterson - Visualization Systems Analyst

Purdue University and The Envision Center for Data Perceptualization
Laura Arns - Research Scientist
Carol Cunningham - Choreographer
Jack Moreland - Percussionist
David Sigman - Graphic Design
Timothy J. Rogers - Motion Capture
Leigh Schanfein - Dancer
Jason Knox - Composer
Christy Jacobs - Dancer
Nicoletta Adamo-Villani - Motion Capture
Jeff Schwab - Systems Administrator Lee Sturm - Node Operator Ryan Pedela -

Boston University
Robert Putnam - Node Operator
Junko Simons - Cellist

University of Maryland
Nadja Masura - Site Coordinator, Performer
Paul Jackson - Technical Director
Peter Rogers - Performer
Moira Jackson - Performer
Brandon Morse - Video Artist

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Many Ayromlou - Multicast-MIDI support