InterPlay - Carnivale (2008) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
March 28 - 30, 2008

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Another Language Performing Arts Company and
University of Utah, Center for High Performance Computing, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jimmy Miklavcic - is the Founding Executive Director of Another Language Performing Arts Company and the co-director of the InterPlay series, a telematic collaborative performance form. A mixture of computer science, visual arts, music composition, acting, and multimedia experience textures Jimmy's artistic background. In 1972, he began his visual arts studies at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Focused mainly on painting, he also became involved in other artists' projects in theater, performance art, and music. In 1978 he continued his studies in Performing Arts, including acting, technical theatre and electronic music at Cabrillo Community College, Aptos, CA. Shortly after arriving in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jimmy returned to study Computer Science at the University of Utah where he graduated in 1987 with a BS in Computer Science. Jimmy is currently the Multimedia Specialist for the Center for High Performance Computing and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Communications at the University of Utah. He is the founder of ArtGrid, an informal consortium of artists and technologists that utilize the Access Grid technology for artistic pursuits. He has been awarded the Salt Lake City Mayor's Artists Award for the Performing Arts.

Elizabeth Ann Miklavcic - is the Founding Artistic Director of Another Language Performing Arts Company established 1985. She is a choreographer, actress, filmmaker and performance artist. Beth serves as the co-director of the InterPlay performance series. She has over thirty years of professional performance experience. For InterPlay: Intransitive Senses (2003), Beth created and performed Tea Party. Additional InterPlay works include The Surface of Things for InterPlay: Hallucinations (2004), Dressers for InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box (2005), Mind Waves for InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek (2006) and framed InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno (2007). Beth is a multi-media specialist at the University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing. Her digital video works have been shown at a variety of film festivals and are available at the University of Utah Marriott Library Special Collections Division. Beth has appeared in a several feature films such as Napoleon Dynamite and most recently in Dark Matter with Meryl Streep. She is the recipient of the Salt Lake City Mayor's Artist Award for Performing Arts. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Modern Dance from the University of Utah, where she received two Orchesis Honorary Dance Society Awards; her choreography has been presented nationally and internationally.

Travis Eberhard - Grew up in a wee small farming community in northern Utah he lovingly refers to as "The Gateway to Idaho". There wasn't a lot for a guy like Travis to do on a farm, so he spent a lot of time teaching himself to draw, and watching TV. He still loves to draw when ever possible, and would like to write and illustrate a few children's books before he dies. He graduated from Brigham Young University earning BA in Film Production with a directing emphasis, and now pays the bills as a video editor for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Audiovisual department. He just finished directing and editing a short film called BOOM!! for entry into a reality show for film directors. He also dabbles in the art of acting and can be seen as an extra on a few episodes of Touched By An Angel, a pilot for the Showtime program Paradise, and Salma Hayek's directorial debut The Maldonado Miracle. He also had small speaking roles in the feature films Church Ball and Stalking Santa. But his favorite role to date, was Professor William Mockus in Interplay: Nel Tempo di Sogno (2007). Travis loves anything and everything creative and hopes to be able to spend the rest of his days in such pursuits.

Ryan Lucas - This is Ryan's first production with Another Language Performing Arts Company, and he is excited for the opportunity. He has, however, had the pleasure of working with both Beth and Jimmy at The Mark Studio around 2002-2003. Ryan's film credits include acting, as well as, a variety of production jobs. He has appeared in local, national and international commercials, many student films, and the Sundance Film Institute's Osso Bucco. He played Willie in the feature film Baptists at our Barbeque. Ryan has done everything in film production from being a production assistant on a Trix yogurt commercial, to being the first assistant director on various industrial and short films. Ryan was a founding member of T.B.A. improv troupe in SLC, Utah, and a founding member of the Coal County Players in Price, Utah. On a side note, he has helped train today's brightest medical students right here at the University of Utah for the past eight years as a standardized patient (that means he plays sick for the students).

Hanelle Miklavcic - Has been dancing since before she was born, she continued almost immediately on that path by becoming a member of Children's Dance Theatre and stayed with the company until graduating from high school. Simultaneously, Hanelle began pursuing her acting career by studying at the University of Utah Youth Theatre School summer sessions. She worked on many television shows and feature films, and she can be seen as the Screaming Girl in Baby Bedlam. Hanelle loves theater and has played Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, a Fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream, a Prisoner in Man of La Mancha, Wendy Jo in Footloose, an Urchin in Little Shop of Horrors, Betty Parris in The Crucible, and Daphne Taggart in The Ring and The Revenge. After graduating from East High School, Hanelle moved to Los Angeles, California in 2005 and where she received a partial scholarship to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. There she studied stage combat intensively and was certified in Unarmed, Single Sword, and Rapier and Dagger. Hanelle graduated from the AMDA Studio Program that focuses on film acting training in December 2006. Since then, she has studied Katana Sword and is in the process of becoming certified in Knife combat. She played Jane in the independent film Jack and Jane, and worked on the feature films Walk Hard, Yes Man, and Eagle Eye. She was cast as School Girl #5 in the play Diary of a Catholic School Drop Out and the dancer Media in Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. In 2003, Hanelle performed in the pilot InterPlay: Intransitive Senses and she is excited to come back home in 2008 and playing the part of Soliloquy in InterPlay: Carnivale.

Priscilla Steed - Priscilla Steed is a native of Utah, and is the mother of three and grandmother of one. She has been acting for eight years and has studied with Gregory Haynes, Charles Halford and at The Mark Studio. Priscilla has worked on several independent films and was a member of the comedy and improv troupe T.B.A. She has performed in many plays including Fright, Lost, Lysistrata, Jungle Book and Bull in the China Shop. InterPlay: Carnivale will be her fourth performance with Another Language Performing Arts Company; InterPlay: Hallucinations (2004), the mockumentary Music for Bubble Biters directed by Beth Miklavcic (2005) and she participated in the vocal performance of the first scene of InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno for the College of Music Society November 2007.

Maia Taylor - Began belly dancing five years ago and has not stopped. She currently studies and performs American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion with Desert Star Gypsies, Sorella Luna Tribal Fusion and Black Pearls under the Kashmir Dance Company. She is currently pursuing a BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Utah. In her spare time she drinks tea.

Artemio Contreras - Born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Artemio began to sing at nine years old. At seventeen he began his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Mexico City. He worked with the Symphony Chorus in Mexico City and with the San Luis Opera Company. Artemio moved to Salt Lake City in 2000 and has worked with the Utah Opera Company and the Symphony Chorus. He sang for six months at the Grand Canal at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. He currently sings for the Episcopal Church in Park City, Utah.

Sam Liston (Access Grid Node Operations) - has been motivated creatively, as of late, in three quite different directions: first photography. His love for capturing abstract images has been moving him more and more toward stop motion photography; no longer working with just an abstract instance in time, but segments. Second, he has developed a passion for creating small art deco wood boxes. Third, with the help of applications like Softimage XSI and Maya, 3D animation has become an interesting outlet for creativity.

Chems Touati (Audio Engineer) - enjoys a career in animation, design, marketing, identity, and brand development that spans many years working with various business, technology, non-profit and education groups in both the New York City and Salt Lake City areas. He burns the midnight oil as the Creative Director of Solar Power Design and enjoys composing, engineering, and recording music for Revolutionized Records. Today, in addition to directing the high-profile Evans Visualization Center, Chems acts as the lead motion design artist and video producer at the SCI Institute. He is able to develop a wide range of inventive and persuasive media cataloging the pace of scientific innovation at SCI by collaborating on visualization projects to foster in-depth creative partnerships with the Institute's researchers, developers, and students. He coordinates the EVC's resources to combine high-performance graphics, computing, and data management technology to enable SCI researchers to solve complex research problems and share their findings with others. His mission is clear: to create an inspirational workspace where students, researchers, developers, scientists, and industry professionals with different talents, strengths, and visions are brought together to work on projects that advance human understanding. As a designer and developer, he enjoys being able to contribute by producing media for presentations, meetings, promotional materials, and online documentation.

Joe Breen (Networking) - is the Assistant Director of Networking at the Center for High Performance Computing. He heads up a group of people that provide day-to-day and advanced networking for several research groups. His group also collaborates with research groups around the University of Utah to support their networking needs, especially in the areas of upcoming protocols, integration with computer grids, etc. Outside of these activities, Joe chairs the University of Utah Network Forum, is an active member of the University of Utah Information Technology Advisory Council and participates in other technical groups such as the wireless committee and IP Address Management committee. Joe works with universities and colleges outside the University of Utah and works very closely with the Utah Education Network to support various areas of research needs. Joe also participates in working groups coordinated by Internet 2, i.e. multicast and IPv6.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and
Technology, Research, Education and Commercialization Center (TRECC), West Chicago, IL

Joe Reitzer - is a computer artist, musician, sound designer. As a musician, Joe was initially inspired by the first performances of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Joe has been involved in computer graphics since 1980, where he was exposed to its potential while a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he received his BFA in 1983, and going on for his MFA at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago in 1985. Joe has done sound design for Virtual Reality projects presented in the CAVE and has presented both at ACM SIGGRAPH and also at ACM '97. Joe has been an assistant professor of Art at UIC/EVL and has also taught at numerous colleges and schools in Chicago. He currently runs an extensive MIDI based sound studio from his house. Joe is currently employed by the National Center for SuperComputing Applications Center - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign at the Technology Research Education Commercialization Center located in West Chicago, IL, as Coordinator of Technological Services.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Marla Schweppe - is a full professor in the School of Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). She serves as head of the Digital Studio, which includes the MFA program in Computer Graphics Design and she is the Director of Visualization. Early in her career she worked in theatre, television and movies in New York City. She has been teaching computer graphics and animation for more than two decades. She developed the graduate and undergraduate programs in computer animation at RIT. Marla is currently developing a curriculum in game art and design in coordination with a game programming degree. Her creative work includes the incorporation of her theatrical background into virtual theatre over the Internet, interactive digital performances and experiences, animatronics, explorations in physical interaction, and collaborative support for visualization and simulation of information and ideas.

Joe Geigel - is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department of B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Gurcharan S. Khanna - has a special interest and expertise in innovative collaboration tools, the social aspects of technologically connected communities, and the cyberinfrastructure required to support them. He started the first Access Grid nodes at RIT and Dartmouth College. At RIT, he created and directs the Interactive Collaboration Environments Lab housed in the Center for Advancing the Study of Cyberinfrastructure, as a teaching and learning, research and development, practical application, and evaluative studies lab. Gurcharan is currently Director of Research Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology, reporting to the Vice President for Research. He provides the leadership and vision to foster research at RIT by partnering with researchers to support advanced research technology resources in computation, collaboration, and community building. Gurcharan was Associate Director for Research Computing at Dartmouth College from 1995-2004. Gurcharan was a Member of the Real Time Communications Advisory Group, Internet2 from 2005-2006. He has served as a consultant on several grant proposals to design and implement multipoint collaborative conferencing systems and twice as a panelist for the NSF Advanced Networking Infrastructure Research Program (2001-2002).

Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Mike Daley - is the Senior Technician for the Department of Computer Science at Cardiff University. He has built, operated and maintained several Access Grid Nodes and he supports the Visualization and Augmented Reality group. He also teachs JAVA, 8086 Family Machine Code, Networks and an introduction to PERL and Python scripting.