InterPlay - Carnivale (2008) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
March 28 - 30, 2008

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Another Language Performing Arts Company and
University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing

Jimmy Miklavcic - Executive Director
Elizabeth Miklavcic - Artistic Director
Travis Eberhard - Performer
Ryan Lucas - Performer
Hanelle Miklavcic - Performer
Priscilla Steed - Performer
Maia Taylor - Performer

Julio Facelli - CHPC Director
Joe Breen - Assistant Director for Networking
Sam Liston - Display Operator
Chems Touati - Audio Engineer
Colin McDermott - Performance Manager
Cory Anderson - Director of Photography
Benjamin Hunt - Camera Operator
Garrett Plummer - Camera Operator
Kurt Schneider - Camera Operator

Additional Contributions
Artemio Contreras - Original Opera Composition
Sam Liston - Graphics
Ryan Lucas - Set Construction
Beth Miklavcic - Graphics, Photography, Digital Video Imagery
Jimmy Miklavcic - Digital Video Imagery, Set Construction

Jan Abramson - Board
Victoria Rasmussen - Board
Sylvia Ring - Board
Kathy Valburg - Board
Nancy Newren - Front of House

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Technology, Research, Education and Commercialization Center

Joe Reitzer - Composer
Anna Seeto-Reitzer - Performance Assistant

Rochester Institute of Technology
Joe Geigel - Virtual Theatre
Marla Schweppe - Computer Graphics and Animation
Guchuran S. Khanna - Director of Research Computing
Keith Simmons - Access Grid Operator
Matthew Leszczenski - Access Grid Operator
Andrew Ford - Access Grid Operator
David Huynh - Puppet Control Programmer
Ning Su - 3D Animation

3D Computer Modeling
Emmanuel Asoanab - Rooster
Berio Molina Quiroga - Horn Mask
Jonais Martinez - Three Headed Dragon
Ping-Chun Hsien - Alien Cyclops

Cardiff University, Wales, UK
Mike Daley - Access Grid Interface Design